226 Enterprise Drive, Three Rivers, MI 49093

Hovey’s Pizza and Grinders

Welcome to Hovey’s! We’re a family-owned restaurant in Three Rivers, Michigan, and have been around since 2011. We’ve quickly became the most popular pizza place in Three Rivers because of our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. We have a wide variety of specialty pizzas, grinders, pastas, salads, wings, and desserts that we know you’ll love.

Homemade Products

One thing that is special about Hovey’s is we try to take everything to the next level. Some people call us crazy, but we want to do everything the right way, without cutting corners. The staff here is constantly thinking of ways to make everything better. The management keeps everyone involved so we all can make this place the best it can be, as a team. When we hear good ideas, we run with them.

We won’t sacrifice quality in order to take the easy route. A few examples to support that: we make our own dough, pizza sauce, marinara, alfredo, lasagna, chipotle sauce, bacon, chicken, and ground beef, all in house. We get fresh vegetables and slice/dice them ourselves. We got blocks of cheese and shred them ourselves. We always make sure to get the best that we can get when it comes to our food. We are willing to pay more to put out a better product for you.

Your Local Italian Restaurant

Hovey’s Pizza and Grinders

Our goal is to eventually have 100% of our products homemade and ordered locally. We’re getting really close at this point. We are slowly but surely taking small steps as we have recently come under new management. There are lots of changes coming that we know you’re going to love. If you haven’t tried our food, you are truly missing out. We might be slightly biased but we do believe that we have the best pizza in Southwest Michigan. You can either come eat here, pick up and order, or have it delivered if you’re within 10 miles of our location. Look forward to seeing you here!